People of Color

Hindu Religious Identity in presence of Social Media

In 2014, India got a new Prime Minister, the leader of a right-wing nationalist party Bharatiya Janta Party or the BJP. They also won the very next set of elections held in 2019 by a landslide securing their place as the face of India for another 5 years. Now you might be wondering, what does …

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Black Lives and Violence

June 1st marks the beginning of the global pride month. I would wish everyone a happy pride month, but unfortunately, this month we continue to feel injustice in the world in our bones, making it a rather ill-fated month. As the world battles the new wars – COVID-19, Hurricanes, and economic crises – some age-old …

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The Variability of Oppression

As we mention foxy politicians who manipulate situations to get their way on our daily news, we often miss the underlying core of how they manage to do so. In my view, the answer is the power that a person holds in that situation. In most cases, even when we talk about politicians as servant …

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Poverty and Pandemic

I’ll be writing this piece about poverty, opportunity, and growth from a standpoint of privilege because that is the lens I view this topic in. In a time where COVID-19 is threatening the lives of people in more ways than just infecting them, I wanted to talk about how underprepared we have been to face …

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Why Shine a Light on Color?

Racism and discussions people of color is a topic that fills libraries and web pages with information dealing with a topic that many are uncomfortable with. There is a book aptly named after this too; “We Can’t Talk about That at Work!”. Repeatedly we hear people talk about diversity and the cultural importance of having …

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The Fluidity of Culture

Languages, cuisines, dances and religious texts may seem like all that culture is. I don’t think that’s true. Although I do believe that they set the stage for what culture can look like, it is not the culture in itself. On scouring through multiple Wikipedia pages and falling through the rabbit hole that is the …

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The 2 New Generations of Experiences

People are now chasing experiences. Maslow’s Hierarchy defines physiological needs as the top priority when it comes to the different needs a human has or develops. Physiological needs in layman’s terms are food, water, shelter, and clothing. Knowing what we know now, this isn’t any groundbreaking research. The stage right after that is the safety …

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The Horrors of Internalised Racism

After having a hectic day talking about subliminal messaging and guerilla marketing, I wanted to introspect as to what it was, that I was being pushed towards. The first thought came around internalized racism. Now as much as I’d like to say that I am woke, it simply does not work that way. Even with …

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The Goldman Diversity Drive

What is the reason behind Goldman Sachs’ diversity policy in 2020? Read about it here