Daan Veer (Short Film)

Today, I am sharing a short film that makes explaining privilege easier for a lot of people. This video has 2 languages being spoken, Hindi and English. I have done my best to translate it all into English and I’ve put the transcript below. This is a satire on the situation at hand where people are using the opportunity to donate to relief funds as a marketing strategy for their products while completely ignoring the people in their immediate vicinity because that is not something from which they stand to gain. I’ll leave the video below. I also want to say that this short film has been nominated by shorted for the lockdown film challenge. If you could, please go onto this link – https://shorted.in/short-films/daan-veer-privilege/ and vote for this video to help support the creator.

The short film offers a critique of society by giving the viewer a glimpse into the life of the rich and the privileged of the country. It further aims to be a comment on the opportunists in a capitalist structure whose public image of generosity is far from the truth of their originally exploitative personality.


*A video starts recording, a female sits on a couch with sunglasses on*

[Kamya]: Good morning everyone. I am Kamya Malhotra, the owner of Great human Care Ltd. We all know that we’re going through a tough time now because of the covid-19 pandemic. It is a tough situation for everybody. Especially for the poor, the downtrodden. They are unable to go and earn their living. And being in a privileged situation being the owner of a company, I feel that it is my responsibility to contribute to society. I wish to make a humble contribution to the PM Cares Relief fund for the poor and the downtrodden. My humble contribution will be of Rs. 1 Crore (10 Million Rupees) towards the PM Cares Relief fund.

*Bell rings* 

[Kamya]: Who is it? Someone open the door. Yes maushi (a hired house helper), what do you need?

[Maushi]: Ma’am, you haven’t paid my salary.

[Kamya]: Yes, but who allowed you in the building complex? How did the security allow you to come in?

[Maushi]: But my salary for the last two months is remaining ma’am. I cam to get that

[Kamya]: What 2 month salary? You didn’t come to clean, what do you mean 2 months’ salary?

[Maushi]: Ma’am the entire nation was on lockdown, how could I have come?

[Kamya]: Yes, but did I tell you not to come?

[Maushi]: Please consider ma’am

[Kamya, Patronisingly]: If I don’t go to work tomorrow, will anyone pay me? No right? Please leave. Please leave, I have to shoot this video.

*shuts the door*

[Kamya]: Oh God, a lot of unwanted stuff. 

*cuts the video and starts to re-record*

[Kamya]: Good morning everyone. I am Kamya Malhotra, the owner of Great human Care Ltd. (phone starts ringing)As we all know the situation – tsk. (picks up the phone)

Hello. Yes, Suresh, speak. Okay let me check the mail.

What is this? Why are the sales so low? 

[Suresh, inaudible tries to explain something]

Yes so what do we do now? Yes I know we’re in lockdown. No, no, no – this won’t do. 

Tell you what, release a circular for the employees. Say that there will be a 30% salary cut for the next two months and sorry for the inconvenience. Due to less profit in the past 2 months, increments and incentives will be stalled till the covid-19 situation is resolved. 

Yes, put that today. What else?

50%? How will we function at 50% labour? We want 100% labor working. 

[Suresh inaudible trying to defend the laborers] [Kamya]: Yes, but the laborers aren’t going home because of the lockdown anyway. Just call for the essential services card then. 

[Suresh, probably disagrees] [Kamya]: What? Soap is not essential? What do you use to take a bath Suresh? I don’t know all that. You have to get an essential services card for them right away and send in the circular. Also, keep me posted. Yes, okay, bye.

*Kamya cuts the call and keep recording*

[Kamya]: Good morning everyone. I am Kamya Malhotra, the owner of Great human Care Ltd. As we all know the situation of covid-19 pandemic – (gets interrupted by her husband)

[Husband]: Hey Kamya, I’ve washed the dishes and I was looking at our grocery stock in the kitchen. We’re out of a bunch of things.

[Kamya]: Yes, yes, just do one thing – make a list. I’ll get three months of stuff from the store together.

[Husband]: Sorry, I forgot your video recording was still going.

[Kamya]: Yeah, yeah okay. Oh and listen, please find the keys to the BMW. Gimme some time. I’ll finish this video and I’ll go get it.

*Kamya continues recording*

[Kamya]: Good morning everyone. I am Kamya Malhotra, the CEO of Great human Care Ltd. As we all know the situation outside is very grave. People are going through a tough time because of the covid-19 pandemic.  Me being the owner of a company would like make a humble contribution to the PM Cares Relief fund.  My contribution to the fund is Rs. 1 Crore (10 million Rupees). We all know – like everyone says, in times of need it’s the humans that help humans. So let’s all wish that this covid-19 situation gets resolved and let’s all come back to normalcy soon. Thank you.

*Ends Video*

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