Daan Veer (Short Film)

Today, I am sharing a short film that makes explaining privilege easier for a lot of people. This video has 2 languages being spoken, Hindi and English. I have done my best to translate it all into English and I’ve put the transcript below. This is a satire on the situation at hand where people are using the opportunity to donate to relief funds as a marketing strategy for their products while completely ignoring the people in their immediate vicinity because that is not something from which they stand to gain. I’ll leave the video below.

The short film offers a critique of society by giving the viewer a glimpse into the life of the rich and the privileged of the country. It further aims to be a comment on the opportunists in a capitalist structure whose public image of generosity is far from the truth of their originally exploitative personality.


*A video starts recording, a female sits on a couch with sunglasses on*

[Kamya]: Good morning everyone. I am Kamya Malhotra, the owner of Great human Care Ltd. We all know that we’re going through a tough time now because of the covid-19 pandemic. It is a tough situation for everybody. Especially for the poor, the downtrodden. They are unable to go and earn their living. And being in a privileged situation being the owner of a company, I feel that it is my responsibility to contribute to society. I wish to make a humble contribution to the PM Cares Relief fund for the poor and the downtrodden. My humble contribution will be of Rs. 1 Crore (10 Million Rupees) towards the PM Cares Relief fund.

*Bell rings* 

[Kamya]: Who is it? Someone open the door. Yes maushi (a hired house helper), what do you need?

[Maushi]: Ma’am, you haven’t paid my salary.

[Kamya]: Yes, but who allowed you in the building complex? How did the security allow you to come in?

[Maushi]: But my salary for the last two months is remaining ma’am. I cam to get that

[Kamya]: What 2 month salary? You didn’t come to clean, what do you mean 2 months’ salary?

[Maushi]: Ma’am the entire nation was on lockdown, how could I have come?

[Kamya]: Yes, but did I tell you not to come?

[Maushi]: Please consider ma’am

[Kamya, Patronisingly]: If I don’t go to work tomorrow, will anyone pay me? No right? Please leave. Please leave, I have to shoot this video.

*shuts the door*

[Kamya]: Oh God, a lot of unwanted stuff. 

*cuts the video and starts to re-record*

[Kamya]: Good morning everyone. I am Kamya Malhotra, the owner of Great human Care Ltd. (phone starts ringing)As we all know the situation – tsk. (picks up the phone)

Hello. Yes, Suresh, speak. Okay let me check the mail.

What is this? Why are the sales so low? 

[Suresh, inaudible tries to explain something]

Yes so what do we do now? Yes I know we’re in lockdown. No, no, no – this won’t do. 

Tell you what, release a circular for the employees. Say that there will be a 30% salary cut for the next two months and sorry for the inconvenience. Due to less profit in the past 2 months, increments and incentives will be stalled till the covid-19 situation is resolved. 

Yes, put that today. What else?

50%? How will we function at 50% labour? We want 100% labor working. 

[Suresh inaudible trying to defend the laborers] [Kamya]: Yes, but the laborers aren’t going home because of the lockdown anyway. Just call for the essential services card then. 

[Suresh, probably disagrees] [Kamya]: What? Soap is not essential? What do you use to take a bath Suresh? I don’t know all that. You have to get an essential services card for them right away and send in the circular. Also, keep me posted. Yes, okay, bye.

*Kamya cuts the call and keep recording*

[Kamya]: Good morning everyone. I am Kamya Malhotra, the owner of Great human Care Ltd. As we all know the situation of covid-19 pandemic – (gets interrupted by her husband)

[Husband]: Hey Kamya, I’ve washed the dishes and I was looking at our grocery stock in the kitchen. We’re out of a bunch of things.

[Kamya]: Yes, yes, just do one thing – make a list. I’ll get three months of stuff from the store together.

[Husband]: Sorry, I forgot your video recording was still going.

[Kamya]: Yeah, yeah okay. Oh and listen, please find the keys to the BMW. Gimme some time. I’ll finish this video and I’ll go get it.

*Kamya continues recording*

[Kamya]: Good morning everyone. I am Kamya Malhotra, the CEO of Great human Care Ltd. As we all know the situation outside is very grave. People are going through a tough time because of the covid-19 pandemic.  Me being the owner of a company would like make a humble contribution to the PM Cares Relief fund.  My contribution to the fund is Rs. 1 Crore (10 million Rupees). We all know – like everyone says, in times of need it’s the humans that help humans. So let’s all wish that this covid-19 situation gets resolved and let’s all come back to normalcy soon. Thank you.

*Ends Video*

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