Why we need to talk about Social Justice

As conservative media channels like Breitbart propagate hate speech under the guise of freedom of speech, they also manage to simultaneously make a mockery out of it. On my stroll down the internet to read and educate myself a bit more about social justice, I came across a video on Breitbart. Of course, what better source to educate me? Leaving the sarcasm aside, I do believe it is important to listen to folks who have a different opinion. The article stating –

“Modern Educayshun, a short film by Neel Kolhatkar, is a hilarious take on social justice and Oppression Olympics culture, and we urge you to watch it.” was published on November 9, 2015. This video that they urge people to watch, is far from hilarious. Not only does it mock the struggles of disenfranchised people, but it also suggests that teaching social justice in classrooms is taking precedence over traditional learning and somehow that that is a bad thing.

In my forgiving state, I say they had plenty of time to correct their past mistakes, but knowing the content they create, it is obvious that they don’t plan to do so. I would personally put the link in this article, but I don’t want to share their website any more than I have. It is for people like such, who believe that being a conservative and completely ignoring the struggles of people around them is the same thing, that we all need to talk about social justice.

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Social Justice is not a Liberal Propaganda

When I talk about feminism, it’s somehow liberal. Although, when I talk about equality for all, that is a centrist view of things. If you’re confused here, FYI – feminism and equality for all – is the same thing. So when I say social justice, it becomes liberal, but when I say equal opportunities as well as no discrimination, it becomes centrist. 

This indicates just how much folks don’t yet understand about things they have opinions on. I would love to assume that people understand how dangerous statements arising out of misinformation or incomplete information can be, but that is not a luxury I have. Take the very recent Covid-19 hydroxychloroquine incident. After (conservative media yet again) Fox News did stories on Hydroxychloroquine being a potentially useful drug in combatting the novel coronavirus, their most loyal viewer, American President Donald Trump got in communication with India to release massive amounts of the drug to the United States. Let’s do a quick background on this. Indian pharma companies produce the drug to battle diseases that are prevalent in India and not so much in the States. Under threat of retaliation India – lifted the ban on the export of the drug. Now India has fewer resources to battle the already problematic epidemic and after a while, the FDA (Food and drug administration) advises medical practitioners to not prescribe the drug. Did the Indian populous scream – make the US pay for the drugs not available to those who need it? This is just one of many examples that showcase how dangerous the baseless statements can be of issue. 

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You might be thinking we were talking about social justice, what happened here? Okay now is the time to make a comparison. Hopefully, after reading that last paragraph you agree with me how dangerous it can be to have opinions on things you don’t completely understand. This is what is happening in real-time with social justice being held as liberal propaganda. People don’t understand it. They try to drive the conversation in a direction that suggests that their rights are being diminished because they are being asked to not say certain things. When in reality, they are being asked to educate themselves on other cultures so that they don’t say hurtful things from the lens of a privileged and oppressive person in society. That’s the big chunk of this conversation. We need to talk about it so people understand that this isn’t the snowflake conversation. It’s a conversation about being better human beings, one that bigots should no longer be able to avoid.

What happens when we talk about Social Justice?

We change the world. It is really that simple. It takes the right conversation to change the world. Greta Thunberg’s environmentalist speech and the #MeToo movement are prime examples of what talking about the right conversation can do. It brings everybody into the spotlight and forces them to asses their actions. Social justice is a broad topic and you can’t just talk about one big thing that encompasses the entirety of it. 

That is the beauty of it. You can pick up the topic that is closest to you and still drive a larger conversation. You want to talk about privilege, discrimination, gender equality – whatever social injustice comes to mind, you can talk about it. As I mentioned earlier, don’t create opinions about things you don’t understand, instead, have a conversation about it. Learn about it, understand other people’s opinions, create a healthy environment where you can talk about the difficult subject. It will benefit you and encourage people to speak up about the various injustices that we see. Maybe then the folks at Breitbart or Fox News would think twice before making fun of a modern education system that tries to give everyone an equal opportunity.


Simply speaking, talking about social justice is important because it is something that affects everyone in some way or the other. We talk about discrimination because it means that white people are being favored for benefits because of their skin, not their talent. 

We talk about feminism because there is still a wage gap between male workers and works of a different gender. We talk about ageism because people are still discriminated against because of age. We talk about homophobia because people still think that don’t ask don’t tell is a good way to keep everyone happy. We talk about education because it is important we see the next generation grow more sensitive to their peers.

We talk about social justice because we need to create a better future where people are happier than they are today.

Comment below why you think we should talk about social justice and hope to see you on this website again!

P.S. If you still want to watch that Breitbart video i talked about at the start of this piece, (warning: it can be offensive to folks) – click here.

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