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Workplace Diversity is Underrated

People in India are still uncomfortable to talk about sexuality, gender identities and educate people in the workplace.

Pronoy Roy, Author and Blogger

In the last 5 years, I have lived in two very different countries.

One is the United States of America, a place where people constantly talk about diversity, the betterment of each other and bringing in newer ideas.

The other one – India, a country so large people from different parts even look different. After being a leader in America and having an Indian upbringing, the contrast is not that visible. A developed country vs. a developing country and they are not so different. Yes, people speak different languages and look different, at the end of the day, it the populous. They don’t focus on their people enough.

Firms are constantly trying to shout out we are employing more women. That said, when you go into the nitty-gritty of the policies that are present at corporations, it’s a different story. These policies are not survivor or victim-centric. In fact, recently, a video of a female police officer in India emerged wherein she expressed sorrow about how she became an officer to help women but she was experiencing assault in her workplace! I won’t dive deeper into this because the more I explain, the less you will dwell on it.

Modern Feminism is Diverse

The other thing I want to point out is feminism at the workplace. In the 21st century, we think feminism is just a simple term that talks about equality for women. When in reality, it has grown into an umbrella term that is protecting trans-feminine identities, feminine male identities, non-binary identities and people who are discriminated against because of their femininity. It is distressing to see people have prejudices because of someone’s femininity, especially in the workplace.

People in India are still uncomfortable to talk about sexuality, gender identities and educate people in the workplace. This is an entire demographic that does not know how to have conversations around these topics and they are the ones who are going to teach the children. Every children’s day celebrated in India, there are speeches about how they are our future and yet there is nearly nothing the current generation has done to bring REAL sex education in the limelight.

Some time ago, the government of India tried to introduce sex education in government schools and that plan failed horribly. Not because it didn’t have support from families, but because the teachers were uncomfortable uttering the word sex.

This is why I believe that not only do we need to have further conversations about improving workplace diversity across the globe but also bring in education surrounding what is diversity and why it is so important. I truly believe that corporations can have a humungous impact on the general populous perception.

This has been my rant, thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this, please do read my other blog on Functioning Mental Illnesses

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